Repeating Success in the Michelin Guide 2024

29. May 2024
xef and Sjømagasinet continue to impress and maintain their places in the prestigious food guide.
"xef is totally boss at Tjuvholmen," wrote Vink in a review of the restaurant earlier this year.

And they have proven it again! Since opening in 2021, they have already been listed in the Michelin Guide three times!

The restaurant serves creative dishes rooted in Northern Spain, providing guests with an authentic yet innovative dining experience. The Michelin Guide particularly highlights xef's ability to combine traditional flavors with modern techniques, as well as their dedication to quality and innovation.

Since 2018, Sjømagasinet has received annual recognition in the Michelin Guide. This acknowledgment is a testament to their tireless efforts to promote the highest quality Norwegian seafood. With its fantastic location by the fjord, Sjømagasinet offers a dining experience that combines exquisite dishes with an unforgettable view. The restaurant is known for its elegant and flavorful dishes that honor Norway's rich seafood traditions. With a menu that continually evolves to showcase the best the sea has to offer, Sjømagasinet provides its guests with a genuine taste journey through Norwegian coastal culture.

Congratulations to xef and Sjømagasinet for their well-deserved placement in the Michelin Guide 2024 - and welcome to those seeking a culinary experience at the restaurants.