Three unique experiences for your next visit

15. May 2024
Are you planning a visit to Tjuvholmen and wondering what to explore? Check out our three tips for unlocking new and exciting experiences.

International Addition to the Artistic and Cultural community

In February 2024, the international gallery, YellowKorner, opened on Tjuvholmen. Since 2017, YellowKorner has offered a variety of photographs and artworks from world-renowned photographers to the Norwegian audience. Experience the exclusive exhibition of new photographs and artworks and the unique atmosphere in the modern gallery at Lille Strandgaten 5.

Enhanced Water Activities

Ice bathing and sauna have been key words for the past year. Along the waterfront, Mad Goats offers floating saunas and rentals of SUP and kayaks. Now they have added a new addition to their water activities, namely a brand new sauna. With panoramic views, a rooftop terrace, and an indoor hatch down to the water, this is a truly unique experience by the water. Check it out with your friends this summer!

Our Newest Dining Spot

In the fall of 2023, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Cocktail and Oyster bar Tjeld to Tjuvholmen allé. At this intimate bar, you'll be served exciting flavor combinations of cocktails and oysters, along with other tasty snacks. And now they've also opened their outdoor seating area! You can now enjoy the delightful flavors outside in the pleasant avenue.