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Venti Venti

Overlooking the Oslo Fjord lies a Northern Italian gem at the end of Tjuvholmen. Welcome to a culinary journey that blends the finest ingredients from our Nordic home with the rich gastronomic heritage of our seafaring Italian chef.
Opens at 11:30
Strandpromenaden 2

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Mon - Friday

From Northern Italy to Tjuvholmen.

A culinary experience with a unique view
By the fjord, adjacent to the Astrup Fearnley Museum, awaits some of the freshest seafood, and world-class wines and cocktails.

The restaurant serves typical Italian dishes such as bruschetta, salads, pasta, and seafood. The flavorful food is prepared by the chef from Sicily and served by Italian waiters who greet guests with friendly smiles. The coffee is strong, and Italian music plays from the sound system. The essence of Italy is palpable.

The food is served in exquisite surroundings with a modern expression. The interior features warm elements with deep blue velvet chairs, brass details, and dark tabletops - a good contrast to the open window surfaces that almost bring Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park into the room. The outdoor seating area must be one of Oslo's finest with panoramic views of the sea, sculpture park, Akershus Fortress, and the city's inlet.

The place is perfect for inviting business associates and partners, or for a lunch with friends after visiting the art district. With good food, exquisite service, and a world-class international museum next door, Venti Venti is perfect for both Norwegian and international guests visiting our district.

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Are you planning on gathering with your friends, employees, coworkers or family for a nice lunch, dinner or celebration?

We offer 3- and 4- course set menus. Their fantastic team will do their best to fulfill your requests and help you with your order of food and drinks.

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