1. June - 31. August

Activated Sludge - Ida Ekblad

Peder Lund is delighted to announce their summer exhibition, Activated Sludge, featuring new works by Ida Ekblad.

Experience Eblad´s second solo exhibition at the well known gallery

Ida Ekblad is among the most recognized contemporary artists working today. Her artistic practice spans a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, performance, filmmaking, and poetry.

Ekblad is interested in exploring “the slippery slope that runs from the good taste, the sharp style, the cutting edge aesthetics to the overboard propositions, the tasteless gestures, and a deep desperation.” Fittingly, one can recognize forms of high and low culture in her work, from manga figures to graffiti tags to decorative patterns from textiles, porcelain, and glass.

At the heart of "ACTIVATED SLUDGE", Ekblad’s second exhibition at the gallery, lies a collection of new sculptural works meticulously fashioned from glass – a medium previously uncharted by Ekblad. Collaborating with a renowned workshop in Murano, Italy, Ekblad has transcended her signature colorful, glossy aesthetic, which defines her renowned oil paintings. In this latest endeavor, she ventures into the ethereal realm of hand-blown glass, infusing her creations with a captivating interplay of light, form, and texture. Through this exploration, she invites viewers to immerse themselves in a new dimension of her artistic expression, where the boundaries between materiality and imagination blur.

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