9. May - 1. June
Past event

Carl Nesjar: The Photographer

Galleri Brandstrup is proud to present “Carl Nesjar: The Photographer” a presentation of the late artist Carl Nesjar’s vintage photos.

Experience a special exhibition at Galleri Brandstrup this spring!

A selection of many photographs taken by Nesjar throughout his long life, unveiling an interest in nature, ice and water, and rocky shores. The presentation will also portray portraits and private photos from his nearly 20-year collaboration with Pablo Picasso.

Carl Nesjar was one of Norway’s most internationally active artists of his generation, renowned for his extensive work across various mediums, including paintings, sculptures, neon installations, photographs, and prints. Although he was greatly celebrated also within Norway, he was perhaps best known globally for his collaborative concrete artworks with Pablo Picasso. This international acclaim underscores his unique position as a Norwegian artist with a substantial impact beyond his native country. From the late 1950s until Picasso's passing in 1973, they created about 30 monumental works together. Among these were prominent murals at Oslo's Høyblokka—the Norwegian government buildings—which suffered considerable damage from a bomb in July 2011. Nesjar’s artistic inspiration often drew from natural elements like rock, water, ice, fire, and snow. His ice/water fountains are found in many places both domestically and internationally. He once mused about the persistent challenge of water, wishing to create a fountain that would continually ascend without falling back. Throughout his career, Nesjar evolved from expressive naturalism to full abstraction in his painting style, also delving into photography and experimental films.

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