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BAR Bastard has a rougher expression and different selection than Bølgen & Moi

Among street art and cactus you can enjoy great music and bold drinks in relaxed and pleasant surroundings.

The superfunky artists BROSLO have put their special touch on the whole room, and the bartenders play all the slices on the vinyl, to the delight of those who are passionate about good music.

At BAR Bastard it is laid back and the atmosphere is chill. You can get right from work or rock concert, you can have holes in the jeans or designer dress, varnish shoes or sneakers.
Welcome you anyway, Tuesday to Saturday!

Tirsdag-Torsdag: 16:00-24:00
Fredag-Lørdag: 16:00-01:00

Adresse: Tjuvholmen allé 5, 0252 Oslo
Telefon: +47 22 44 10 20

Egne åpningstider for høytid og ferier finner du her >

Kapasitet inne: 50 gjester

Kapasitet ute: 40 gjester

Total kapasitet inne og ute: ca. 100 gjester

*Baren er lukket og kan leies privat enten du skal ha et privat selskap eller en heidundranes feiring.
Den har egen inngang fra Tjuvholmen Allé og er tilknyttet restauranten Bølgen & Moi gjennom en telefonkiosk.

Reserver Bord